Helping yourself and helping others

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Stories & Videos | 0 comments

In this video, I explain more about the certification opportunity that will follow after the Hero’s Journey Masterclass and community.

It starts with the first step.  You must begin, and then the universe lines up to support you. I describe how typology becomes a compass on the journey, as Jung originally imagined it.  It’s a process of moving from the ‘dominant’ function, or part of your personality, to the ‘inferior function, that part of your personality that is less adept, more unconscious.

This first step helps yourself. And it helps others, as a means of spreading an understanding of personal transformation.

Certification is a process I offer of deepening this understanding of transformation. For the helpers among you, this process must of course begin with you. That makes this Hero’s Journey masterclass a prerequisite to any certification process. 

The helping of others must follow your own journey.

 To ensure we can help you and that it’s a good fit, I’m asking that you first apply here.



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