Typology 101
March 2021

“Who Looks Outside Dreams, Who Looks Inside Awakens” – C. Jung

There never has been, nor will there ever be, another person like you. Your journey in life matters. What you give to others matters.

Your personality type contains the key to your genius, the key to your success in life, however you define your success.

At Polarity Institue we’ve created a new, innovative and effective way to develop yourself through your personality.

The secret lies in developing the Spine of the Personality, the connection between your most dominant function and its opposite.


THE SEED OF a Journey

Self-discovery leads the way

Hard work doesn’t always guarantee success. I know we’ve all learned it does. But is it true? There are many who work hard without their desired outcome.

When I met Jungian analyst and author Robert A. Johnson he told me:

Be true to yourself, be true to your type.

We can increase our chances of achieving our desired outcome by going inside, discovering who we are, what we’re good at, what we’re passionate about.

As we say at the Polarity Institute, inner work leads to outer change.

You begin with questions like this:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I good at?
  • Why are some things so hard for me?

Without understanding your strengths and limitations, you are like an accidental tourist. Without knowing the talents and possible pitfalls in your personality, you wander in a foreign country. If you achieve goals, it feels more or less accidentally.

But there is another way. As you become more self-aware, you can consciously choose the outer changes you have been seeking. It is possible. Of course, next comes the question:

  • How?

The answer comes easier with a guide, helpful tools, and the support of a community. It starts in March 3, 2021. How to register.


Carl Jung’s insight in types of people

Swiss visionary Carl Jung wrote Psychological Types in 1921 to address the suffering he experiences in his relationship with Sigmund Freud, as well as the suffering he witnessed in the time of World War I.

He brought forth a wise understanding of human personalities. The psychological types described in his many books give us a foundational step up today.

Jung’s insights orient us to our own journey. They ground our programs at the Polarity Institute.

  • What are we conscious of, what are we aware of?
  • By contrast, what we are unconscious of?
  • How and why do we connect these two parts of ourselves to achieve our goals?

Jung helps us answer these questions.

It turns out that what you are unconscious of holds great power over your lived experience. Why?

Because you can tap tremendous energy from those parts of which you are unconscious. There power is in the polarity between the conscious and unconscious parts of you.

This is the power to bring results. It’s the kind of power that makes an impact…


Learn your type, harness the power of your polarities

If the unconscious matters so much, we’d better get acquainted with it. But how do we become aware of what we’re unconscious of?

A tool that helps is an assessment of your personality type. An assessment can reveal the parts of your personality that are well developed, versus those that are undeveloped. It’s a snapshot of your growth. It also gives you a bearing on how and why you relate to others of different types.

Jung once said “Type is nothing static.” It’s not a box you live in.

Your type is a dynamic unfolding of your capacity and aptitudes so far. Type is your capacity around the primary Thinking, Feeling, Sensation, and Intuitive functions that all humans exhibit, more or less.

The Polarity Personality Type Indicator (PPTI) was developed by the Polarity Institute’s founder John van der Steur based on Jungian Typology. The PPTI acts like a compass on your journey. From the PPTI, you can learn to identify your dominant and inferior functions. Then you can learn to harness their power.

This power can be applied within yourself, and in cooperation with others as a team…

Polarity Personality Type Indicator

The PPTI tool we’ve developed can be referenced as a 3D grid, or model, of the human personality. The video above describes how it can help you understand yourself and others.

The PPTI is contemporary with the 21st century developments in understanding of human psychology. It innovates and improves upon older personality models like Meyers-Briggs from the mid 20th century.

Typology 101

A 3 week Masterclass starting March 2021.

Jungian Typology becomes your compass to navigate life.

This is a live online course that begins on March 3, 2021

We’ll meet for class sessions on three Wednesdays from 1-4 pm Central Standard Time (CST):  March 3, 10 and 17. 

In this course you will learn the following:

  • Determine your natural type vs your aspirational type
  • Jungian polarities of the personality
  • Jungian typology vs MBTI
  • Your superpowers and limitations
  • Communication styles and needs of the types
  • How to develop your Spine of the Personality

The size of the group is limited to 12. It’s priced at $247 and includes a companion guide and learning together in our online community.

We answer FAQ’s below. Please contact us with any questions.

We have added the following bonuses for this class:

Bonus 1: Couples and/or family members who take this course together get 25% off with coupon code JUNG25 at checkout.

Bonus 2: Free Online Video Course on Jungian Typology ($47 value)

Bonus 3: Free Workbook PDF ($27 value)

Certification Special Offer: Interested in certification so you can empower others? We have a special offer for you here.


Feedback from participants

“What I learned in the Hero’s Journey was what I’ve always needed to learn, what I’ve longed to learn, what I’ve wondered about without knowing so. It was the missing link in all the seeking I’ve been doing for the past 22 years. Who am I? What am I like? Why am I like that? What am I not like? Why am I not like that? It’s a thoroughly deep and well taught class on the subject of being the best me I’ll ever be.

John Mooney

Director, Moonlight Glass

“The Hero’s Journey is an excellent program including group work and inner personal development. Insightful, inspiring and innovative. This course has the potential to change your life if you open to the riches within. Its content is rich and deep.”

Cathy AJ Hardy

Founder and Director, Soul Care Circles

The integration of Jungian typology with the myth of the Hero’s Journey is an inspired and creative idea with the capacity to truly help people – myself included- move forward in life. I find that I can use this knowledge not only with myself but in clinical work with trauma clients as well.

Beth Wagland

Depth Psychologist, Toowoomba, Australia

“I was feeling lost and adrift with so many ideas I wanted to pursue, but little energy to bring them to life. Learning about my personality type gave me validation that I am a very innovative person with visionary ideas as well as a greater awareness of how to realistically ground them. I now feel more clarity on where I need to focus and dedicate my time and energy.”

Jessica Flint

CEO True Warrior Inc, Austin, Texas

Increasing my awareness of my personality strengths (and weaknesses) definitely helped me understand what I need to do to improve my relationships and occupation. I very much liked the combination of lecture, discussion and interaction, and the break-outs. Thanks for a great class!

Ralph Henly

Chief Manager, Publish & Launch Support Services

The Hero’s Journey has been a very useful channel for setting the course of my active life from now on. It is structured in a way that leads you to a deep understanding of your gifts and how to make better use of them for achieving a more fulfilled life path…

Francys Rugeles

Managing Director, C&IB, BBVA Banco Provincial

This inner work has helped me understand why I’ve been struggling to achieve my goals, and also gave me plenty of ideas on how to move forward in a much more balanced way. I loved the small group conversations, too. It was an opportunity to notice the different gifts we each had. It was very validating and a real eye opener for me!”

Charo Pinilla

Personal Branding Coach, Madrid, Spain

“John’s passion for his work and skillful teaching which combines the depth of Jungian Psychology with practical life coaching skills is an electric combination which I have found extremely empowering and synchronistic.”
Linda King

Healing Arts, Yorkshire, UK


Typology 101 Q&A

If I ask for a refund, will you provide it?

We want to ensure your satisfaction and offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. We will comply with the terms and conditions of our services as specified in our refund policy.

Specific to the Typology 101, if you request a refund within the first 30 days of your purchase, then 100% of your purchase amount will be refunded.

We ask that for any refund to be given, you will have participated in at least one live session on Zoom. This helps you meet us in your commitment of participation and our commitment to facilitate. 

If you are making multiple payments, then only the first payment may be refunded. After the first payment, it will be past 30 days, so there will be no refunds for subsequent payments in a payment plan.

If you pre-purchase now the Certification program to be offered in March 2021, as part of the bundle that includes the Masterclass, then you are entitled to a 50% refund if you cancel your Certification participation prior to March 1, 2021.

If you want, you can defer your participation to a later certification session. 

What are community member specials?

As a community member, we want to reward you for making a contribution to the start of our community. You’ll get the best pricing on any extra programs or special offers. We may also solicit your feedback in the planning of new programs, so you could get advance notice of future opportunities and shape them to suit you.

What is a 1-to-1 Consultation?

It is possible to get a private, one on one Zoom meeting online with Polarity Institute founder John van der Steur. 

What can I expect of the Community in 2021?

After the this Masterclass, we will continue to encourage an exploration of your personality and life purpose in a supportive environment. The pacing will slow and require less focus. But the consistency and community will remain. You can participate in Q&A webinars, and online events and discussion. You’ll meet and develop relationships with people on a similar path around the world.

Can I choose to buy the certification program later?

Yes, that’s fine. The PPTI certification program will be offered separately in March 2021.  You can buy it now is to save on the early bird pricing. When you do buy now, you essentially get the Masterclass for a $300 reduction, which is a pre-requisite class. Also you get the Online Community for free through 2021. Plus community member specials.

What payment methods are offered?

You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, and Apply Pay. For our European customers, we also offer payment through Bancontact, GiroPay, iDEAL and SOFORT.

What if I cannot make the live sessions?

There will be replays of our live sessions available, but small group break out sessions will not be recorded. While we understand you may not make every session, we do encourage you to participate on Tuesdays and Thursdays as much as you are able.

What is the time commitment?

The weekly time commitment depends on how deep you want to dive into the material. There’s enough lessons, activities, conversations, and bonuses inside to keep you busy for up to 6-8 hours per week.

To make it worth your while you need to at least come to the Thursday class or watch the replay (3 hours) and spend 1 hour on the weekly assignments.

"Every advance, every conceptual achievement of mankind, has been connected with an advance in self-awareness."

Carl Jung, CW IV, § 523