The Art and Typological Struggle of Realising an American Dream

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There’s always been an ongoing struggle between commerce and art – Thomas Schlamme

How do you explain great human achievements, things that are achieved against all odds?

Jung’s typological theory provides us with a compass to explore such human achievements.

The personality contains all the problem-solving capabilities available to humankind.

This means that any human endeavor that is able to cover all the bases of the personality will greatly increase its likelihood of success.

In the video below we’ll explore the story of McDonald’s as its depicted in the 2016 movie “The Founder”. It turns out to be a great example of what Stanford professor Doug Wilde said about teams:

People who individually have only a few problem-solving strategies can pool these in a good team to make it overcome any obstacle it encounters.

What you’ll learn from this video is:

  • What the four main types are and how they (inter)act
  • How to cover all the bases of the personality when trying to achieve something meaningful
  • How holding the tension in the polarities of the personality leads to struggle and ultimately transformation
  • What human problem solving capabilities are needed to create something like McDonald’s


It’s a funny and entertaining story with clips from the movie which I think you’ll enjoy. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!



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