Know Your Type


How can you be authentic and thrive? How can  you be true to yourself and true to your type?

Come and Discover your True Jungian Type

The Importance of Being Earnest about your Type

Thursday, December 17, 1-3:30 PM (Central Time)

Play to Your Strengths

Do you find yourself:

  • Molding yourself in order to fit in?
  • Unable to achieve certain goals?
  • Repeating certain struggles?
  • In conflict with certain types of people?

Take a step back and then… Step into the power of your personality.

Your personality holds the key to your personal effectiveness.

It takes self-examination to fully understand and embrace your personality. What is its nature, how has it been nurtured, and… how has it not been nurtured.

This workshop is all about you and your type. It’s fun, interactive, and a great learning experience.

This is what we’ll cover:

  1. The Journey of Self Discovery
  2. The Power of Perception
  3. The Power of Polarities
  4. Carl Jung’s Polarities of the Personality
  5. Your Type and Your Shadow

Bonus 1: Free Companion Guide with Goal Setting Module ($27 value)

Bonus 2: Free Online Video Course on Jungian Typology ($47 value)

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Do you want to get some profound and new insight into your personality? Experience our new and innovative personality grid, based on Jung’s theory of the personality.

The Power of Polarities is a lively and serious contribution to the literature on Jung’s psychological types theory and its practical application. The emphasis on polarities is fundamental and salutary.

~ Dr. Murray Stein, Jungian Analyst and Author

Client feedback, in their own words

“The workshop came at the perfect time for me. Before I was feeling lost and adrift with so many ideas I wanted to pursue, but little energy to bring them to life. Learning about my personality type gave me validation that I am a very innovative person with visionary ideas as well as the greater awareness on how to realistically ground them. I now feel more clarity on where I need to focus and dedicate my time and energy.”
Jessica Flint

CEO True Warrior Inc, Austin, Texas

John’s workshop helped me understand why I’ve been struggling to achieve my goals, and also gave me plenty of ideas on how to move forward in a much more balanced way. I loved the small group conversations, too. It was an opportunity to notice the different gifts we each had. It was very validating and a real eye opener for me!”

Charo Pinilla

Personal Branding Coach, Madrid, Spain

“John’s passion for his work and skillful teaching which combines the depth of Jungian Psychology with practical life coaching skills is an electric combination which I have found extremely empowering and synchronistic.”
Linda King

Healing Arts, United Kingdom


Know Your Type Q&A

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Can I get a 1-to-1 Consultation with John?

Yes. This workshop offers group coaching. But if you prefer a private, individual consultation via Zoom online with Polarity Institute founder John van der Steur, then please contact us for pricing. 

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