Find Your True Type

Develop Your Career

Improve Your Relationships



Be True to Your Self.

Be True to Your Type.


Towards a life of more meaning and impact

These are highly specialized sessions where you will be able to benefit from 30 years of experience I have had in working with people and their type.

For the introductory period, I offer these sessions at a 40% discount. 

John van der Steur

Personality Profile Debrief

Before you start your next undertaking, make sure you understand your personality. Its strengths, limitations, and potential.

John will meet with you on Zoom for a 90-minute coaching session where you will be able to confirm your true type and explore how it impacts your relationships and career.

We will also work on how you can best achieve a specific goal you have.



Is your career aligned with your personality? Are you making the most of your potential? Or do you have your ladder up the wrong wall?

In this  90-minute session we will explore your career and develop strategies for better alignment with your personality.


Do you sometimes struggle with relationships at work,  with a friend, significant other, or perhaps your children?

This session is for you!

We will explore the type dynamics together using Jungian typology.

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

– Carl Jung

Client feedback, in their own words

“Even though I had done a couple of tests on my own, I realized I had some blind spots. The workshop pointed out something that made a huge difference. It helped me connect with my real nature and my superpower in life. It will definitively help me redirect my future. Thank you!”

Valerie St-Jean

CMO, Quebec, Canada

“The workshop came at the perfect time for me. Before I was feeling lost and adrift with so many ideas I wanted to pursue, but little energy to bring them to life. Learning about my personality type gave me validation that I am a very innovative person with visionary ideas as well as the greater awareness on how to realistically ground them. I now feel more clarity on where I need to focus and dedicate my time and energy.”
Jessica Flint

CEO True Warrior Inc, Austin, Texas

John’s workshop helped me understand why I’ve been struggling to achieve my goals, and also gave me plenty of ideas on how to move forward in a much more balanced way. I loved the small group conversations, too. It was an opportunity to notice the different gifts we each had. It was very validating and a real eye opener for me!”

Charo Pinilla

Personal Branding Coach, Madrid, Spain

“John’s passion for his work and skillful teaching which combines the depth of Jungian Psychology with practical life coaching skills is an electric combination which I have found extremely empowering and synchronistic.”
Linda King

Healing Arts, United Kingdom