Empower Others: Certification Masterclass



“Who Looks Outside Dreams, Who Looks Inside Awakens” – C. Jung

Learn how to empower others through the power of their personality.

Consult, coach and facilitate using the PPTI.

You’ll learn how to apply it effectively and ethically with individuals, groups and teams.

This Masterclass is a game changer for Consultants, HR Professionals, Trainers, Counselors, Therapists and Clergy.


The Power of Polarities

“Life is born only of the spark of opposites.”

Carl Jung

The Polarity Institute is dedicated to the practical application of Carl Jung’s theory of the personality, or in short: Jungian Typology.

Jungian Typology has proven applications and outcomes in a variety of fields:

  • Human Resources: Employee engagement and retention
  • Organizational Development: Leadership and Teams
  • Personal Coaching: Personal and professional development
  • Education and Learning: Understanding learning and communication styles.
  • Counseling (Individuals and Families): Understanding and valuing differences



Certification Masterclass

What Makes It Different


    We Bring Next Generation of Jungian Typology. How?

    • Our work is solidly based on Jung’s typology AND psychology. We emphasize the relationship between the conscious and unconscious personality, or the “Spine of the Personality”, the source of personal growth and transformation.
    • Our model distinguishes four levels of abstraction which makes it possible to choose what level of abstraction to work with. Most personality models just have one or two. In this model, we can work with: 4 Functions, 4 Temperaments, 8 Types, or 16 Sub-types.
    • Besides having these different levels, the underlying hypothesis is that you can consciously access half of them. In other words, you are not one of sixteen types, but really eight of 16. Consequently, you have conscious control over half the temperaments (2) and half the types (4).
    • The octahedron is a meaningful three-dimensional model that people can use to reflect on their own personalities. The same model can be viewed in a two-dimensional personality grid as well (see image to the right).

    Certification Masterclass

    What You’ll Learn


      Jungian Typology
      • All about the source of Jungian Typology: Carl Jung’s 1921 book “Psychological Types”
      • How to use the PPTI to facilitate sessions (online as well as in-person)
      • Understand the design and theory behind the PPTI
      Coaching & Facilitation
      • Our four-step framework of human transformation
      • How to conduct sessions on: Giving & Receiving Feedback, Goal Setting, Mission Statements, Personal and Group Values, Emotional Intelligence, Stress Levels, Career Development, Shadow Work, Leadership, Communication and more.
      • How to design effective learning & development programs
      • How to create personality grids for groups and teams
      • Ethics of applying personality instruments
      How to run an online practice
      • How to use online tools and facilitation techniques including Zoom, Ahaslides (you’ll be an online facilitation pro)
      • Online facilitation and coaching best practices
      • Introduction to content and pricing on the soon to be released PPTI-Pro instrument (which includes Types, Archetypes and Interaction Styles)

      Certification Masterclass

      What You’ll Get


        • Access to online community & resources (powerpoints, exercises, companion guides, programs, card game)
        • Online course The Power of the Personality
        • Instruction now how to use Zoom, Ahaslides and Google Slides for online sessions
        • Personally signed copies of our books The Power of Polarities and Know Your Type
        • 20% discount on all Polarity Institute Shop items, PPTI-Pro instrument and online course The Power of the Personality 
        • Free access to our online Power of Polarities community for 1 year. In this online community there is an ongoing teaching on the practical application of Jungian Typology.

        Certification Masterclass

        Dates & Pricing


        7 Weeks 

        March 25 – May 13 2020

         Every Thursday 1 PM – 4 PM Central Time

        Every Tuesday Q&A 1 PM – 2 PM Central Time

        Included: The Power of Polarities Online Community for one year.

        Registration : $1497


        When you register for both Typology 101 & Certification Masterclass, you can take 25% off using coupon JUNG25 at checkout FOR BOTH.

        Total is not  $1744  but $1308!

        (Typology 101 is a prerequisite for Certification)

        A Better PERSONALITY Test

        Jungian Typology, improved

        Most of us are familiar with the terms “introvert” and “extravert.” But did you know that these terms were first coined by Swiss psychologist C. G. Jung in 1921? He described three polarities, or pairs of opposites, in the personality:


        Attitude or Orientation

        Purpose: Connect the inner and outer world through reflection (Introversion) and interaction (Extraversion).


        Judging Polarity

        Purpose: Make decisions. Either with the heart (Feeling) or with the head (Thinking).


        Perceiving Polarity

        Purpose: Gather information. Discovering facts using the 5 senses (Sensation), or possibilities using the imagination (Intuition).

        Polarity Personality Type Indicator

        The Polarity Personality Type Indicator (PPTI) was developed by the Polarity Institute’s founder John van der Steur. It improves upon and corrects the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

        The PPTI acts like a compass on your journey to becoming who you are meant to be. From the PPTI, you can learn to identify your dominant and inferior functions. Then you can learn to harness their power by holding the tension between them.

        "The individual... creates a tension of opposites that provides the stimulation which culture needs for its further progress."

        C.G. Jung – CW III, § 111

        we learn better together

        Come Join our  Masterclass Community

        We believe in the practice of asking questions and finding the answers together.

        We offer a Hero’s Journey and Certification Masterclass in an online community setting where you will: 

        • Experience exclusive content and conversations you can’t find anywhere else.
        • Meet people who share your interests, who live near you, who do the same things, or who care about the same topics.
        • Make better, more well-informed decisions about the things that are most important to you.
        • Swap stories, experiences, and ideas (not necessarily advice) around our shared mission.
        • Find a little inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspective each and every day.

        "The combination of the depth of Jungian Psychology with practical life coaching skills is electric, empowering and synchronistic."

        Linda, Yorkshire, UK